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We believe that if most people were clearer about who they are, what they believe, and what they intend to accomplish that many integrity issues would be addressed. We also believe that lack of clarity results in waste of time, resources, and passion. We are fundamentally in the clarity business and add value to our clients by bringing clarity to deliberations and decisions.


We believe that simplicity signals mastery. The quote: “Anybody who can’t explain what they do for a living to a 6th grader and be understood is a fraud" has more than a little truth in it.


Aligning people and organizations almost often depends on synchronizing and harmonizing actions and intentions. We believe in showing up, working hard, listening actively, talking straight, and adding value. We require these things of ourselves in service of all our other values. Without discipline, nothing much else gets expressed or achieved.


We believe in partnership because, without our partners, our business wouldn’t be sustainable. We cherish our partners and vendors. We not only don’t believe in chasing discounts, we are advocates for our partners’ profitability. If they’re not making it, they’re not going to grow the capacity we’ll need as we grow. Most importantly, we bring our partners to our clients’ tables. Our clients expect us to bring A-Players to their team. We are determined to fulfill that expectation. We love to work with successful, productive, happy, and fulfilled people. So we do everything we can to help make their businesses work while we take care of our own.